'MC² Experience @ Work'

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'MC² Experience @ Work' supports employment of 50+ workers in Belgium

'MC² Experience @ Work' is a social innovation project, initiated and driven by HazelHeartwood, with the support of large partners, which allows the temporary exchange of experienced employees on the basis of co-sourcing between companies.

The objective of the project is to reconcile two conflicting tendencies: large companies tend to promote early retirement, while at the same time many senior employees wish to stay active for longer and the replacement of those experienced workers is not always easy for the company. The Multi Company Mobility Centre is a platform enabling employees older than 50 years to stay at work with different companies, whilst keeping a contract with their original employer.

This Belgian initiative was shortlisted in April 2014 as one the of 10 finalists of the European Social Innovation Awards.

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Nous sommes des femmes et des hommes de bonne volonté, luttant en Belgique et en France, depuis 2003, contre la discrimination par l'âge dont font l'objet les seniors et pour la liberté de choix de ceux qui désirent continuer à exercer une activité lucrative après 45 ans, sans subir rejets, préjugés, pénalités ni contraintes administratives.