Argumenter l'embauche de seniors - résultat d'une etude

Good News - the roughly 5.0% unemployment rate should signal a continued stream of new job opportunities As you continue your job search, I want to make sure you review the "49 Benefits of Hiring An Older Skilled Worker."

This shortcut can help you more effectively understand and articulate your strengths as an older job candidate. Amazingly, over One Million Readers have weighed in with this incredible list of benefits of hiring older workers.
Here are just two of the benefits you will find in this helpful list:

# 8 - Valuable long-term relationships and industry contacts built over the years.

# 9 - Can provide objective advice to younger managers because he/she isn't trying to climb the corporate ladder.

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49 Benefits of Hiring an Older Skilled worker

Over A Million Readers have weighed in on Interns Over 40. We are happy to share the list of benefits that many job seekers like yourself have given us.Here is just a sample of Older Worker Hiring Benefits.

  1. Arrives on time and usually before starting time; Leaves after quitting time; Spends less time watching the clock
  2. Have lower Health Care costs.
  3. Technical issues are not intimidating - we have learned how to dig into the problems and find meaningful long-term solutions.
  4. We know when to compromise and when to push. We have learned the techniques needed to find balance in tough situations.

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Nous sommes des femmes et des hommes de bonne volonté, luttant en Belgique et en France, depuis 2003, contre la discrimination par l'âge dont font l'objet les seniors et pour la liberté de choix de ceux qui désirent continuer à exercer une activité lucrative après 45 ans, sans subir rejets, préjugés, pénalités ni contraintes administratives.